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Mold Health Concerns

Toxic Mold ConcernsOne of the first microscopic organisms to inhabit the earth is mold. In fact, the search for life on other planets involves looking for mold! Mold is responsible for decomposing organic matter and is vital to the cleanup of the world we live in. Mold and mold spores do not contain chlorophyll as plants do; therefore they must rely on dead organic matter in order to survive. The destructive behavior of mold isn't a problem outdoors; however it does become a serious problem when black mold begins to grow and reproduce inside of our homes or businesses. Once growing and reproducing indoors, black mold can lead to numerous health conditions including allergies, infections, skin damage, organ damage, vascular damage, and various other diseases. Tampa, Clearwater and the surrounding areas are a hot spot for black mold growth. The Tampa Bay area has ideal temperatures and relative humidly levels to promote black mold growth.

Black Mold Tampa Exposure

Black Mold ExposureExposure to black mold is unhealthy for people of all ages; however there are certain groups of people who are more sensitive to the effects of black mold than others. Infants, young children, elderly people, AIDS patients, child bearing women, people with respiratory conditions such as asthma are all more sensitive to the effects of black mold than normal healthy people. The reason is that these people either have a weakened or compromised immune system.

Mold Tampa And LungsBlack Mold Tampa and Allergies

Allergies are the most common effect that black mold has on the human body. An allergy is the immune system's abnormal reaction to a particular substance. The reason that black mold is known for causing allergic reactions is because of the size of the mold spores. Smaller than four microns each, more than 250,000 mold spores can fit on the head of a pin at any given time. Although all black mold exposure is dangerous, healthy immune systems will commonly fight off any infections that black mold could possibly cause.

Black Mold Tampa and Infections

Black mold typically causes two types of infections. Since black mold spores are usually inhaled it makes sense these two types of infections are upper respiratory infections and sinusitis.

Black Mold Tampa and Toxicity

Air Quality MoldMost people spend 95% of their time indoors nowadays. Since exposure to black mold indoors is what causes health issues, we need to ensure our homes and Mold Breathing Problemsbusinesses are free of black mold. The prolonged exposure to black mold is what is harmful. Spending very little time in a home contaminated with black mold will typically not cause serious health effects. One condition that black mold is known to cause is black mold toxicity. Characterized by headaches, cough, sore throat, sinus problems, fever, dizziness, and nausea, black mold toxicity can be deadly if not treated quickly and effectively.

Black Mold Tampa and Skin Damage

Human skin is the best defense against things that try and harm us. Direct contact between black mold and skin will often result in a rash that is red, itchy, sensitive to light, and feels as though it is burning.

Black Mold Tampa and Other Health Issues

Mold Tampa And LungsThere is more research being performed every day in regards to the health effects of black mold. Black mold affects all people differently. If you have a problem with black mold, please contact a professional in order to perform mold removal services for you. The black mold must be removed properly, or it will return or spread to other areas of your Tampa or Clearwater home. Don't let black mold be a possible problem for you or your loved ones. Call the experts at I Destroy Mold today!


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Mold typically grows and forms in places with high humidity. Florida is known for having a high humidity environment. We are experts at mold removal and have been removing mold in the Tampa Bay area for years. Mold removal must be performed following strict guidelines to ensure the mold removal process is successful. Mold affects the health of people in different ways. Some people are more sensitive to mold than others. Typically the elderly, infants and child bearing women are more susceptible to possible mold health side effects than the average person. Keep your family safe from mold health effects by contacting us today. Have some questions about mold? We are Tampa Bay’s mold removal experts and have answered many common questions in regards to mold and mold removal in our FAQ's section. If you can't find the answer to your mold related question there, feel free to contact us as we would be more than happy to answer it for you!
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