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Mold removal in the Tampa Bay area can be performed many different ways. One of the most successful methods in successfully removing mold or black mold is by using a technique called soda blasting. Soda blasting must be performed by a Florida State Licensed Mold Remediation Contractor. If not performed correctly, you run the risk of blasting mold spores or mold seeds to other areas of your home or business that are not currently affected with mold or mold colonies.

What is Mold Soda Blasting?

Soda Blasting Florida black mold and other mold types is a process in which a media is used at high pressure to remove mold from wood studs and other Florida building materials. A very large air compressor, in addition to a soda blasting machine is required to perform the mold soda blasting service. Essentially, a type of “baking soda” is run through a nozzle at high pressure and applied to the area of black mold growth. The soda, or blasting media, takes off the mold and other fine layers of particles but does not hurt or harm the original material the mold grew on. You can see an example of soda blasting in the video embedded on this page.

Mold Soda Blasting Tampa

Will Soda Blasting Kill Mold?

The idea of using a soda blaster to perform mold remediation services is to REMOVE all of the mold. With our mold removal service, we remove all of the mold spores or mold seeds whether they are dead or alive. This is very important as any type of mold spore can be reactivated or “brought back to life” if introduced to a water source at some time in the future.  Mold soda blasting is the process of blasting the mold and then cleaning up the blasted mold spores along with all of the blasting media or soda.

Soda Blasting Mold Demonstration

Can Soda Blasting Be used on any Mold Removal Project?

Tampa Bay mold removal using soda blasting is best used on larger projects where wood studs are exposed and have been contaminated with Florida black mold or other types of mold. On projects where mold is simply on the surface of drywall, or can be cleaned, the mold soda blaster is not needed. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions in regards to mold soda blasting or the possibility of mold soda blasting on your project. 

John McCormick Soda Blasting Mold in a Tampa, FL home